︎I have 10+ years of experience in teaching, managing and leading multidisciplinary design courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, that include; industrial design, product & system design, interior design, architecture, design engineering, human-centred design, design innovation, service design, and urban landscape, exploring the practice of new design empathies by analysing the context and its requirements through demographics, economics, socio-politics, existing infrastructure, morphology, environmental conditions, and available resources.
︎My teaching focusses on encouraging an international and cross geo-cultural educational experience whilst challenging stereotypical approaches and methodologies to design education and practice through connecting the ostensibly unconnected, recognising the relationship and value of the local and the global as well as the importance of experimentation and the need to innovate for purpose.

︎My main interest and strengths are in developing future designers who seek to work globally, beyond our traditional sectors and borders with the ability to engage with new audiences and industry partners. I have taught and trained individuals with diverse backgrounds who have gone to apply and evolve in cross-and multidisciplinary teams through their ability to think critically & act practically, challenge paradigms, speculate on futures, influence policy, prototype propositions and subsequently play a key role in designing resolutions to seemingly unique and complex urban problems.

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