— Understanding Structures Through the Development of Digital & Physical Skills —

Sustainable Joints & Connections.

Balancing Type and Use of Skills.

> Designed for the first-year undergraduate student with limited prior understanding of three-dimensional forms and the processes for developing and communicating experimental yet purposeful structures for intervention within an urban environment.

> My approach to designing artefacts enables students and professionals to call on various skills to convey their ideas to third parties by using a variety of different media whilst gaining an understanding and testing of the performance of different materials as well as iterative/non-linear processes in playful experimentation and analysis.

Technical Drawing.
Manipulating Available Materials & Objects.
Testing Scale.

Experimental Connections.

Hybrid Drawing.

Creating New Materials.
New Flexible Formations.
Testing Flexible Formations.

Creating New Materials.
New Flexible Formations.


Scale Model.
1:1 Prototype.

Public Exhibition.

Public Display (1:1 Prototype).

Public Display (1:1 Prototype).
Public Display (1:1 Prototype).

Organisation + [Credits]
Ravensbourne University London, [Idrees Rasouli]

Role + [Team Size]
Unit & Course Leader, [6]

Date + [Duration of Involvement]
2015-19, [2 months per year]

Funder + [Project Location]
Institutional, [London, UK]

Status + [Project Type]
Unit, [Structures]

Brief + [Challenge]
New Advancements in Structure Design,
[New Structural and Constructional Principles]

Collaborators [Tutors]
Unit Team [Kristoffer Mitchell, Malachy McAleer,
Era Savvides, Jason Taylor, Graham Stretton]

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