Peace Garden
Designing-out Knife Crime

— Researching the Role of Landscape in Fighting Knife Crime

Context & Location.

Age Groups and Ethnicity Affected by Knife Crime in London, UK (2017).

> A place for all to come together to reflect, relieve and resolute – a garden for people affected by knife crime. Designed together with the local community, council and the Mayor’s Office through design thinking, co-design, co-creation and participatory design methods, it’s a place to escape the day-to-day societal problems.

> After many years of declining levels of knife crime, 2016/17 saw a sharp increase across London, with Southwark experiencing the highest volume of knife crime within the capital. The Mayor of London, the Metropolitan Police and Local Councils are actively implementing a wide range of initiatives to tackle the problem.

> The Southwark Peace Garden is a leading example of this, conceived by a local church and community member Abdulrahman Musa-Johnson, who regularly provides emotional support to people who have been affected by knife crime. Abdulrahman recognized the need for a safe space in the local community for people to seek support and took the initiative to establish the Southwark Peace Garden.

This research project is based on the Co-creating & Inductive model to enable a learning process that involves the designer to learn from and innovate with the community and develop solutions for shared needs.
The boundary between the expert and non-expert in this model was interchangeable, and both, the user and the industry partner were dependent on each other to educate the designer and influence the design outcome.

> Using the Inductive & Intuitive model, a design proposal originated from this research entitle Our Garden (Qudus Patrick, Joshua Welch and Malachy Safsaf), which proposes an environment co-designed with the local community that allows all age groups to come together, grow and rehabilitate.

Key words:   Knife crime;
                       Landscape design;
                       Social intervention

Peace Garden Strategy.

Peace Garden Plan.

Peace Garden Entrance View.
Peace Garden Exit View.

Peace Garden Wall.
Peace Garden Bench.

Peace Garden Entrance View (as built).

Co-creation Workshop.
Local Apprenticeship Builders.

Peace Garden Inauguration.

Organisation + [Credits]
Ravensbourne University London, [©Idrees Rasouli]

Role + [Team Size]
Principal Investigator, [18]

Date + [Duration of Involvement]
2018, [5 months]

Partner + [Project Location]
Southwark Council, Metropolitan Police, Royal College of Physicians Creative Ken, and Methodist Church, [London, UK]

Status + [Project Type]
Research, [Design-led Solutions]

Brief + [Challenge]
A Place for All to Come Together, [Design for Future Needs]

Collaborators [Research & Design]
Project Collaborators (Kate Sedwell, Ken Creative); Project Team (Qudus Patrick, Joshua Welch, Malachy Safsaf, Matthew Smith, Holly Freeman, Yulia Bykova, Thomas Vercoustre, Thomas England, Ellen Maughan)

Collaborators [Construction]
Southwark Construction Skills Centre

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