︎My writing is influenced by my practice, pedagogy and research — bringing together international experiences and perspectives from public, private and third sector organisations, with a focus on the fields of design education, design research and design innovation. I specialise in four types of publication:

Original Research: considered as primary literature, they are detailed studies that share my pedagogic and practice-based research. They include hypothesis, background study, methods, results, interpretation of findings, and a discussion of possible implications.
Article Review: considered as secondary literature, they are my critical and constructive analysis of existing published literature, through summary, analysis, and comparison, often identifying specific gaps or problems and providing recommendations for future research.
Perspective, Opinion, and Commentary: considered as secondary literature, they are my personal point of view and perspective, reviews of fundamental concepts or prevalent ideas.
Book Review: considered as secondary literature, they are my personal insight and opinion on recently published scholarly books.

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