Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Building, Interior, and Signage Design

— Representing the Stock Market —

Context & Location.

Design Concept & Programme.

> It is not a trading arena with offices, but an office with virtual organs that suggest and illustrate the process of the market. A floating base lifted by the same speculative euphoria that drives the market, vastly increases its exposure. In its elevated position, it can 'broadcast' the activities of the stock market to the entire city. The ground can be used as a covered urban plaza and space for public events.

Street View.
Podium Section.

Listing Hall in the Podium.
Podium Exterior View.

Facade Testing.
Facade Scale Prototype.

Interior Concept.

Plan Diagrams & Materials.
Section Diagrams & Materials.

Lobby & East Atrium.
Podium Halls & Offices.

Tower Offices.

Private Lobby.
Public Lobby.

Lecture Hall.

Atrium Elevator Elevation.

Company Listing Area.

Visting Gallery.

Ceremonial Lobby.

Signage Concept.

> A system of extreme simplicity and dignity. The reduced nature of the form allows information, both static and dynamic, to be foregrounded. The reserved material and colour, and the high level of craftsmanship, signify a certain self-assurance and institutional presence. The cool, minimal wayfinding and signing elements are counterpoints to the exhilaration of the architecture and texture of the landscape, whilst the understated form and typography allow the system to work in all the diverse environments and afford maximum legibility.

Building Occupants.
Entrances and Exits.

Executive Sequence.
Visitor Sequence.

Personnel Sequence.
Tenant Sequence.

Floating Elements.
Detached Surface.
Surface and Material.

Neutral Typeface.
Led Dot Matrix.



Informal Information.

Formal Reception.
Interior Direction.
Glass Embedded.

Organisation + [Credits]
OMA/Rem Koolhaas, [OMA + 2x4]

Role + [Team Size]
Architectural Designer, [8]

Date + [Duration of Involvement]
2008, [12 months]

Client + [Project Location]
Shenzhen Stock Exchange, [Shenzhen, China]

Status + [Project Type]
Built, [Design Concept, Detail & Production]

Brief + [Challenge]
Representing the Stock Market, [New Office Typology]

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