China Central Television HQ

Interior Architecture and Design

— Designing the Face of New Reliance Technology Stores —

Interior Components.
Design Focus.

Generic Spaces (Cores + Offices).
Special Spaces (experiences).

> An alternative to the typology of skyscraper, the building’s loop poses a three-dimensional experience of the work environment and the television services, culminating in a 75-metre cantilever. The interior structures and spaces are designed to represent a combination of interconnected activities that facilitate the entire process of TV-making through two towers joined by a cantilevering bridge. One of the towers house the editing area and offices, and the other news broadcasting.

Core Concept.

Typical Core.
Core Cladding.

Tower 1 Lobby.

Tower 2 Lobby.
Generic Office Core.

Ceiling Materials (Generic Spaces).
Floor Materials (Generic Spaces).

Generic Spaces (Comfortable + Natural).
Generic Spaces (Practical).

Special Spaces (Ground Floor Plan).
Special Spaces (Ground Floor Materials)

Ground Floor Section.
Ground Floor View.
View from VIP Lounge.

View from Entrance.
View towards VIP Lounge.

Broadcast Wing Section.

Entrance Lobby.
Entrance Lobby View.

Control Room Plan.
Control Room Section.
Control Room View.
VIP Bridge Corridor.

Axonometric View of the Loop.
Visitor Journey via the Loop.

Visitor Entrance via the Loop.
 Visitor View from the Loop.

Organisation + [Credits]
OMA/Rem Koolhaas, [OMA]

Role + [Team Size]
Architectural Designer, [8]

Date + [Duration of Involvement]
2008, [6 months]

Client + [Project Location]
China Central Television, [Beijing, China]

Status + [Project Type]
Built, [Design Concept, Detail & Production]

Brief + [Challenge]
Representing the Broadcasting Centre, [New Office Typology]

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