Re-thinking Silicone

— Silicone in Macro, Meso and Micro Scales of Structure —

The Opportunity (New Methods & Applications).

Process Mapping.

> Based on the ‘thinking through making’ approach, this project explored three scales of structure — macro, meso and micro, and how Silicone gel behaves under varied loads and pressure. New structure and formations were discovered by continuously testing the properties and qualities of Silicone gel and examining its thickness whilst scientifically timing its forming process.

This research project is based on the Blue Sky & Intuitive model to help develop and envision a number of future scenarios using key user and market needs and insights.

Individual views of the designer helped envision the future based on diverse views/insights of the world. The proposals encapsulate subjective appraisals gathered through experimental processes and beliefs.

> Using the Blue Sky & Intuitive model, a design process originated from this research entitle Microkinetics, which proposes a new structural material with applications to various industries.

Key words:   Silicone;
                       Structural material;
                       3D formations

Test Rig.

Angular Extrusion.
Angular Extrusion.

Angular Extrusion Elevation.
Angular Extrusion Plan.

Vertical Extrusion.

Patterned Extrusion.



Organisation + [Credits]
Imperial College London, [Idrees Rasouli]

Role + [Team Size]
Co-Investigator, [3]

Date + [Duration of Involvement]
2012, [1 week]

Client + [Project Location]
University College London, [London, UK]

Status + [Project Type]
Exploratory, [New Product Innovation]

Brief + [Challenge]
Re-thinking Silicone, [Experimental]

Collaborators [Research & Design]
Co-Investigator, Jenny Shih, Martin Jaere

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