Beyond Grey
Future Living

— Tokyo 2025: Future Forecasting for Hitachi —

The Opportunity (Making Megacities Sustainable).

Users and Needs.

> Forecasting the future of water in our cities — focusing particularly on the possible ways of utilizing grey water in urban environments in the immediate scenario involving elderly people. The proposal indicates an urban environment with water positive building technologies; spaces that embrace natural systems and organic  transfer systems to provide clean air and energy for living.


Vision for Tokyo 2025.

Scenarios for Tokyo 2025

Organisation + [Credits]
SustainRCA, [Igor Safronov]

Role + [Team Size]
Design & Innovation Lead, [4]

Date + [Duration of Involvement]
2012, [1 week]

Client + [Project Location]
Hitachi, [Tokyo, Japan]

Status + [Project Type]
Proposal, [New Product Innovation]

Brief + [Challenge]
Technologies for Sustainable Living, [Disruptive Market Innovation]

Collaborators [Research & Design]
Project Team (Noriaki Maetani, Igor Safranov)

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