Personal Training Instrument


— Instant Feedback for the Visually Impaired Athlete —

The Opportunity (Training the Vision-impaired).


> A wearable that provides the athlete with an instant feedback via vibration and aural senses to improve technique in conjunction with or in the absence of the coach. It defines key points in the stroke — known as gateways, to prompt the athelete toward full stroke. The device informs the athlete of what types of motion will be necessary to achieve a cleaner and repeatable stroke when alone.

This research project is based on the Inductive & Intuitive model to enable a co-creating process that involves the designer to learn alongside the client to develop solutions suited for client as well as end-user needs.

Shared views of the designer and the industry partner helped with envisioning the future based on mutual insights of the world and key understanding of the subject matter.

> Using the Inductive & Intuitive model, a design proposal originated from this research entitle Ghost, which proposes a personal training instrument that informs the athlete of necessary types of motion for achieving a cleaner and repeatable stroke.

Key words:   Visually impaired;
                       Personal training;


Usability Factors.

Testing Vibrations & Motions.
Paralympian & blind triathlete, Iain Dawson.


Working Prototype.
User Scenario.

Organisation + [Credits]
Rio Tinto, [Idrees Rasouli]

Role + [Team Size]
Co-Investigator, [4]

Date + [Duration of Involvement]
2012, [3 weeks]

Client + [Project Location]
London Olympics Authority, [London, UK]

Status + [Project Type]
Proof of Concept, [New Product Innovation]

Brief + [Challenge]
Designing for Visually Impaired, [Disruptive Market Innovation]

Collaborators [Research & Design]
Co-Investigator, Benedict Copping, Jason Cheah, Shruti Grover

Popular Science
The Engineer


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