Seoul Social City Software
Made in Dongdaemun

— Digital Fashion and Rapid Manufacturing —

The Opportunity (Dongdaemun Market, Seoul).

Location Dynamics. 

> As part of ‘Made in Dongdaemun’ campaign, this project helps showcase up and coming Korean designers in Dongdaemun Market and enables the application of rapid fashion manufacturing on-the-go. The pop-up structure (Designer’ Kitchen) and its integrated user interface connects the locals and foreigners with Korean fashion through the process of Dongdaemun Market where they receive consultation, take part in the decision-making, and experience the manufacturing of their co-designed fashion.

This research project is based on the Inductive & Intuitive model to enable a co-creating process that involves the designer to learn alongside the client to develop solutions suited for client as well as end-user needs.

Shared views of the designer and the industry partner helped with envisioning the future based on mutual insights of the world and key understanding of the subject matter.

> Using the Inductive & Intuitive model, a design campaign originated from this research entitle Seoul Social Software, which proposes an urban system for connecting the locals and foreigners with Korean fashion through the process of Dongdaemun Market.

Key words:   Social software;
                       Urban system;
                       Rapid fashion

Problem Finding.


Cultural Reference.

Combining 3D Printing, Rapid Manufacturing, and Nano Technologies.


Key Stakeholders.
Systems Map.

User Scenario & Experience.

Intervention in Context.

Made in Dongdaemun (Video).

Organisation + [Credits]
Seoul Design Foundation, [Idrees Rasouli]

Role + [Team Size]
Co-Investigator, [6]

Date + [Duration of Involvement]
2012, [3 weeks]

Client + [Project Location]
British Council, [Seoul, South Korea]

Status + [Project Type]
Proposal, [New Product Innovation]

Brief + [Challenge]
Re-thinking Fast Fashion, [Disruptive Market Innovation]

Collaborators [Research & Design]
Co-Investigator, Sebastiaan Wolzak, Roshan Sirohia

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